Chinto Tech is an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) firm that uses cutting edge technologies to deliver quality ICT solutions, that help organizations and individuals carry out targeted activities in a convenient, efficient and cost-effective manner. We continue to invest significantly in bringing the benefits of digital transformation to our myriad of customers, organizations and service portfolios.

We collaborate with premium and emerging technology provider across the globe to deliver innovative IT solutions and digital services that help individuals and companies achieve their set goals and objectives.

As part of our strategy to remain on the cutting edge of technology, we provide our customer with dedicated end-to-end service management systems and  round the clock customer support loop that provides instant resolution of technical problems from deployment, usage , upgrade and expansion.

Our team of experienced, dedicated and professional workforce are always happy to connect you to our world of IT convenience through our fraud proof, robust and reliable hybrid systems that fuse current and emerging technologies to provide you with affordable world class Ai driven  technologies in movie streaming, content delivery, content aggregation, e-commerce, fraud prevention, online travel, hospitality , telecommunications, OTT Services and web hosting management among others.

Be assured of our support and quality service delivery at all times. Welcome to our world of cutting edge technological advancement! Welcome to Chinto Tech.

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